a life

“One poem or one story doesn’t matter one way or the other. It’s the process of writing and life that matters.” –Natalie Goldberg,¬†Writing Down the Bones

sustained effort: day two

I’m graduated. Finished. Without a net to catch me, a rope to guide me, a paid-and-therefore-obliged mentor on the other end of an email to care about my drafts. And in order not to go completely adrift, I’ve given myself a schedule, which boils down to one solid hour of writing time a day. So far, I’ve stuck to it. It’s day two. I’m going ahead and patting myself on the back. Like everything with me writing related, the daily endeavor is dreadful at the outset, ¬†thrilling in conclusion. To say: I wrote today¬†(and to mean pages)! That is a thing of beauty.