sustained effort: day two

I’m graduated. Finished. Without a net to catch me, a rope to guide me, a paid-and-therefore-obliged mentor on the other end of an email to care about my drafts. And in order not to go completely adrift, I’ve given myself a schedule, which boils down to one solid hour of writing time a day. So far, I’ve stuck to it. It’s day two. I’m going ahead and patting myself on the back. Like everything with me writing related, the daily endeavor is dreadful at the outset,  thrilling in conclusion. To say: I wrote today (and to mean pages)! That is a thing of beauty.

One thought on “sustained effort: day two

  1. You can do it! I love your blog. We can help keep each other going 🙂 My word on the rocks we gave Steven at graduation in Jan was ‘momentum.’ Gotta keep rolling.

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