smart girls

Have you seen Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party on YouTube? It’s awesome. She interviews young girls and celebrates their individuality and smarts, among other things. Like concluding her shows with dance parties.

I pretend like I watch it with my girls but they’re way to young to pay much attention (not enough cartoon action, apparently) so I mostly watch these episodes alone in my room, beaming with adoration.

Here she is, interviewing a smart-girl writer.

3 thoughts on “smart girls

  1. I want to see more! I hope it’s on Netflix… Or I’ll just sit in front of my computer watching youtube videos, too. Thanks for being the first to introduce me to one of my new favorite things. 🙂

  2. Sarah, it’s a YouTube channel–just follow the link in the post and wha lah (is there a more French way to spell that?)! You’ll have access to dozens of awesome episodes! (My favorites are the sisters and the feminist) Enjoy!

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