the beauty of yes

Last October, at the all-male Priesthood session of the Mormon church’s General Conference, a group of 200 women stood in line to ask admission; one by one, they were turned away. This time, the church has anticipated the group—releasing an official letter asking them to keep their “protests” outside the walls of Temple Square. Religious blogger Jana Riess effectively sums up my feelings on the matter here. In my view, these women are not picketing protesters, but fellow-Mormons respectfully asking for more. In a few weeks, they will quietly stand at the door and knock again, knowing they will be turned away. Think of that for a moment.  These women are courageous, regardless of one’s position on the issue. And for my part, I admire & support them.

For me, this is the face of the Ordain Women movement:


When I look at this photo I think: what if despite precedence and patriarchy, the usher at the door last October would have instead opened it? Would have instead simply said: Yes. Come in. You are welcome here.

Wouldn’t that have been beautiful?

*This photo popped up in a search in connection with the Exponent blog, though I couldn’t find exact image attribution.