Went to London and saw all the things.

Rented a house in Taos, NM for the weekend with a group of friends

from grad school. Needless to say, it was heavenly.


My friend, Audrey, and I came up with a brilliant idea: Let’s pretend we haven’t graduated our MFA program by interviewing every awesome writer we know.

So far, so good. Check it out!

AWP 2013, or, Any Excuse to Get Back to Boston

Outside Porter Station on my way to AWP.

A week filled with blizzards, books, and the best kind of friends!

FREE writing workshops for el paso-area teens!

Just a little something I’m involved in…Spread the word, El Paso!


unknown girl and her dog

My grandma is a historian. She collects the past in the forms of photos and china dolls and stories. She’s written three books about her ancestors. People give her artifacts. They know she’ll keep them safe. They rely on her inability to throw away anything old.

I plucked the above photo from a pile of unmarked photos my grandma was offering up. A miscellaneous pile. Unmarked and untraceable. She doesn’t know who this girl is. I don’t either, obviously, but I think about her often. How she lived an entire life that has been forgotten with time. Not because the world is cruel necessarily, but because it’s persistent. Because if you don’t write them down, your stories don’t exist. This is why I write. The stories in my brain, the stories in my life: I want them to persist in the persistence.

my christmas loot

The sure sign of a good weekend


In heaven at Harvard Book Store

Luxembourg Gardens: my happy thought as I stir up mac n cheese on any given afternoon.

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